Social Media Marketing, Why is it Important Today?

In the past few years, the hype on social media marketing has taken the world by storm. Being able to reach people anywhere in the world instantly through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have revolutionised the way companies promote their business. Plus, you can be as creative as possible; social media marketing encourages you to push the boundaries and take your advertising to the next level.

One of the top advantages of social media marketing is audience targeting. With its help, you can choose not only what customer base you can talk to, but also segment your audience and promote your content/services/products to a particular part of that audience in the first place. Facebook allows you to do all of that; it also helps you develop audience avatars and buyer personas, all while identifying top clients in a very professional and masterful manner.

Social media presence in South Africa

At the end of 2018, more than 16 million people had a Facebook account in South Africa. This is more than 25% of the total population of the country, and the numbers continue to grow. Thousands of small businesses are relying on social media to bring in more exposure for themselves, and business professionals see Facebook as the top tier promotional tool that everyone can use.

Since the number of internet and social media users is growing rapidly all around the globe, more and more companies tend to focus on digital marketing as their prime exposure. Digital marketing is less expensive than TV or radio, it can reach the customer base whenever they are online and it’s also fully personalised. These are the top advantages that put social media marketing well above any other marketing solution out there.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketing

The benefits of social media marketing for a South African business

The primary benefit is that you get to connect with customers from all over the world, or you can focus on a more local area. 97% of marketers worldwide are using social media to promote companies, and used wisely, this can double or even triple sales for any business. It’s suitable for any industry, and you can boost brand recognition right away. With help from social media marketing you can start a conversation around your brand, all while understanding what customers expect from it.

On top of that, Facebook and all social channels provide instant gratification and a quick way for customers to let you know if there are any issues. You get to share your brand’s story, all while making it easier to gain access to audience data and improve your business optimising your audience targeting. With social media marketing, you generate traffic, build brand loyalty and in the end make it easy for customers to talk with you.

Get your Company in The Top Results Today!

If you have a business, it’s very important to start using social media marketing services right away. This allows you to further expand the reach of your business, promoting new products and services, all while generating lots of sales in a professional manner. You should make the most out of this incredible opportunity and give it a try right away, you will be incredibly impressed with the results!

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