R.E.A.D.Y Model

If you want to reach the right amount of success as a business owner, you really need to figure out how to take that company to the next level. And that’s why you should consider using the READY model when planning your marketing strategy. At first, you will have audiences that don’t really know what to expect and don’t know your business, this provides you with a major opportunity. You now have the ability to make them aware they have a problem and that your product or service can provide them with a solution by educating them on the READY model.


Really unaware

This is the start of your marketing, taking your product and developing pain points that will allow your initial audience to discover a problem they might not have been aware of by reverse engineering your campaigns. Rather than displaying your product or service setup ad campaigns focusing on the problems they may encounter without your product and service, this generates curiously and in turn interest in your ads generating leads to work with. From here we warm the audience through the READY method in educating them about their problem in an exciting journey.

Educate clients

Here we educate the leads, detailing the problems they may be facing and providing them with information on how they can overcome the issue that may arise during the process of warming the prospect in discovering that your brand or product could possibly be the solution they need.

Once you are connected with the audience, you will be closer to generating sales.

Aware Audience

Now they are aware they have an issue and there is a solution, you have developed trust through this form of education and now you can begin introducing your solution, whether it be a service or a product you are pushing. This is a crucial part of the process as prospects do not like being sold but rather educated. Implemented correctly, they will most likely go with the solution that you presented to them. And that’s great because it gives you more control and focus as you try to adapt to everything and feature this in a meaningful and powerful manner.


The next step at this time is to introduce the decisional phase. Here you want to showcase the full scope of your offer and further build up a sense of trust. This is a deciding factor. If everything works the way you want it, then results will be really good and that’s exactly what you need to think about. It will be a rewarding experience and you do want to check it out and use it in a proper and reliable manner.


During the “yes” phase you want to provide the potential customer with an unbelievable offer that they will not want to miss out on. You want them to be enticed by this and to say yes to your offer. It’s that point where you need to think about the user and what their needs are, as you might need to focus on add-ons to boost the sales profit too!

The READY model works great for most industries and the great thing is that you can adapt and adjust it in a way that truly works for you. It’s a great opportunity and something that will push the boundaries and take things to the next level in a powerful and simple manner.

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